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As a home or business owner, the particulars of insurance can be very confusing and, quite frankly frustrating. It’s hard to know what’s being paid for and what’s not; why a claim is denied, and if there’s anything you can do about it. Sometimes claims are denied for invalid reasons. The process can be frustrating, but we can ease your pain. 

You need an advocate on your side. You may be eligible to receive a significant annual discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium for the life of the roof if you have an impact-resistant roof. It helps the insurance industry hold down costs, which means lower premiums for you!


With 10+ years of construction, we specialize in insurance claims related to storm damage. We have an Oklahoma roofing license and carry both workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance.

When it comes to your insurance claims, we do it all:

• Roofing services • Gutters • Siding • Painting • Fencing • Windows • Chimney repair • Interior damage from roof leaks • Storm damage, wind, or hail?

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